Friday, March 6, 2015

Steve Wittman of Pewaukee WI is a proud D.I.E. HUNTER

On March 4, 2015 while I was standing in my sales booth at the 2015 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sports Show I was surprised to meet 15 past customers (one at a time) as they came up to me and reached out their hand to shake mine. Each of them said to me in their own words.

Thank you Bob for writing your book, and sharing your knowledge of making dominant bucks hunt people. I bought your book last year, (some said two or three years ago) and I killed the biggest buck of my life with it on my first hunt using what I learned from you in your book.

I am a D.I.E. HUNTER and it is thanks to you, that I can expect to see the buck with the biggest rack on every hunt, as he hunts me. It is the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Deer Hunting System that has changed the way I hunt deer, forever!

Of those 15 men who praise me and my training of the D.I.E. System, I congratulated each of them, and thanked them for coming back to see me, to share their story of their first hunt with my tactics. It makes me proud to hear of D.I.E. HUNTER successes, because not many D.I.E. System Users ever call me or come back to tell me of their successes. They want to keep my book, and the lessons I have taught them, away from all their peers. The last thing they want anyone in their hunting party to know is that they read a book written by a self - taught deer behavior expert, and he taught them to make kings of herds and their competitors come to the hunter in daylight.

Most (over 95%) of all the people who own a copy of my book will do well with it, but they will not give me testimony to post on my website because they want to keep the D.I.E. System all to themselves. I understand that feeling completely. I too hoarded my tactics when I realized how skilled I had become to make kings of deer herds hunt me in daylight.

Of the 15 men, seven of them showed me the buck's photo, and of them there was one 13 pointer, one 15 pointer, one 12 pointer, one 11 pointer, and one 10 pointer. Every buck had a perfect rack with no antler tines broken off, and every buck's rack would have scored more than 135" P & Y.

Steve Wittmann, of Pewaukee WI is a man unlike 95% of  all D.I.E. Book Owners. Steve is a man who is passionate about learning about deer behavior from me, as much as he is about spending time in the Deer World, being hunted by kings.

When I asked Steve "Will you give me a testimonial?" instead of responding like the other 14 men he said sure I will do that for you, after all you have done much more for me, and I am proud to tell people that the D.I.E. Book is the best book I have read about deer, and to me it is worth over $100.00

Today Steve sent in his testimonial. Short and to the point, along with a nice photo of his first D.I.E. Buck taken with a bow at less than 20 yards on his first attempt using my tactics. This is a dandy 11-ponter and I am proud to share his photo on his behalf with everyone (you) at this time.

Congratulations Steve!

"I have incorporated the D.I.E. Method when I hunt. I am very pleased that I purchased the book. I found a way to really bring the Deer to me. I've seen more Dominant Bucks than I ever did before."

The words of Steve Wittman - Pewaukee Wisconsin 

Steve shot this 11-point buck with the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Deer Hunting System on his first attempt after finishing reading Bob J. Mercier's book DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! Copyright 2011 available at

Steve, you are on of the first 30 D.I.E. HUNTERS in America who are not scared to tell others that they read my book, learned from me, and now hunt with my tactics, because doing so makes the king of the herd and his competitors, search you out. I am proud of all the D.I.E. Book owners, but especially the ones who are willing to vouch for the D.I.E. System publicly. We are those who are hunted by kings! Join Us!

The pecking order bucks may come in, but usually not. This buck was a high ranking buck in the herd, but not the king. The reason Steve saw this buck near a D.I.E. Scrape is because he modified my instructions, and the king was following this high-ranking buck in towards the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Scrape at the very moment that Steve shot this buck.

A D.I.E. HUNTER chooses to hunt deer or have them hunt him. With my tactics you are the hunted, and the king and his pecking order are hunting you. The competitors of the king are unranked bucks from other herds and they are interested in finding a doe at your D.I.E. Scrape. If the king is not there when they show up, they will advance to the scrape and you can kill them at very close range.

God Bless D.I.E. HUNTERS Everywhere!

My book costs $42.19 per copy.

Buy it to change the outcome of every deer hunt for the rest of your life!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Testimonial received July 11 2014

Here is my testimony of how well your D.I.E. System worked for me again in 2013.

     My Set-Up Day this year for Wisconsin's archery season was on Friday November 1, 2013. I then followed your instructions and waited the 2 -1/2 day period. My D.I.E. Scrape was slightly upwind and crosswind of an intersection of two buck trails. It was West of the buck trail and about 2 yards off of the trail. The D.I.E. Scrape was set up 100% as directed in your book. I was in a tree stand approximately 13 yards Northeast of the scrape, facing Southwest.

     On Set-Up Day the wind was from the Northwest, however on the first day of my hunt (Monday November 4, 2014) the wind had switched so it came from the Southeast. Because of what you told me about not worrying about the wind direction, I was not too worried about the switch. I came in from the East and then the Southeast 'walking like a deer' and dragging the doe scent that you recommended in your book.

     I got to my stand at 7:57 am after doing completing the tasks that all D.I.E. Hunters have to complete on Day 1 for a successful hunt. By 8:00 am I was all settled in. In my heart I expected to have to sit at least 3 days, maybe more. Don't get me wrong, I was prepared to sit all 4 days if that's what it takes. And what's more, I was downwind and slightly crosswind of Core Doe Bedding Area #2, so I knew I was upwind of some awesome breeding areas.

     I saw no deer until 9:05 am, when I noticed a lone buck working his way through some fairly heavy cover upwind of me, but downwind of my entry trail. I had entered on a doe trail part of the way, and he was making his way to me, staying downwind of my scent trail in heavier cover. As he got closer I soon saw that this was definitely "THE KING". But just to make sure I allowed him to get within 11 yards of the D.I.E. Scrape and 10 yards from me. He was quartering towards me at 10.5 yards when my Muzzy Broadhead Stopped his advance. He then ran 70 yards and stopped. I grunted hard at him to keep him from going too far. He turned and looked back and I believe I was the last thing he saw. He was still staring at me when he simply fell over right there.

     It still is hard for me to grasp that with the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Deer Hunting System also known as the D.I.E. System, taught to me by Bob J. Mercier, that I am able to totally fool all the deer in the herd.

     I use all the things I've learned throughout my D.I.E. HUNTS, at the seminars I attended and while on a Private Lesson with Bob J. Mercier, every time I go into the woods. I love being invisible (to deer) in early season and arrowing does in their bedding areas, while on foot in the middle of the day, and every time I approach from upwind of the bedded deer.

    I love being able to find the pecking order bucks in hard antler periods, in daylight hours during the 'lull period' of early October when other deer hunters aren't seeing any mature bucks. I love the D.I.E. System, and all the GREAT HUNTS I am having since Bob taught me all this stuff!

Thank You Bob!

     By the way...My buck was a 4.5 year old basic 10-pointer with a total of 12 scorable points and 5.5" bases, an 18.5" inside spread, and a green score of around 140". He was not a Monster Buck, but believe me when I say that I have access to herds with Monster Bucks, and who knows what my testimony will be for 2014?

Written by,

Veteran D.I.E. Hunter
A. Yoder (Amish Man)
Hillpoint Wisconsin

Monday, January 13, 2014

In honor of successful D.I.E. Hunters.

This blog is maintained solely by Bob J. Mercier. All entries herein were provided to Bob by the hunter who bagged the buck. The reason they provided their testimony is for the better of mankind. So all those who view this physical proof would see the truth about the Dominance Is Everything System. D.I.E. is another name for Bob J. Mercier's personal teachings. 

There is an easier way to hunt mature bucks, and to fill your back tag with a buck of a lifetime than by hunting with traditional deer hunting methods...

We call it the D.I.E. Way!

Dominance Is Everything is a Registered Trademark of Robert J. Mercier

Dominance Is Everything is a NEW WAY to hunt mature bucks.

Once you know the D.I.E. System you will never hunt bucks again!
DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING makes trophy-racked whitetail bucks hunt you!

The D.I.E. System, makes every deer that encounters it, believe that the person using it is not a human. Deer are persuaded to believe that the user is one of two deer that have come from over 1 mile away, and those two deer (a monster-racked buck and a doe in heat/estrus) have intentions on becoming mates in the immediate future. Armed with the real truth about deer, as Bob J. Mercier states in his first book DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! copyright 2011, any person able to walk can be taught to become a deer in the minds of deer. 

D.I.E. Hunters are those who go afield after reading Bob's book, trusting that they are smarter than before, now knowing what deer think, they utilize the new skills they have learned, to the best of their ability. 

In return for their efforts they are allowed to share space with mature bucks from other herds. Sharing space with bucks means you are allowed inside the 35 yard radius that dominant bucks have around their bodies all year long. When you hunt with D.I.E. there is a 35 yard invisible bubble around you and your stand site for as long as you are using the D.I.E. System there. The king of the herd owns the land, and he too has a bubble around his body. When the two bubbles overlap, then you are sharing space with the king or a competitor to the king. 

When you use the D.I.E. System as directed, no pecking order bucks from that herd, (ranked under the king) will ever come within 35 yards of your tree stand while you are there. The king of the herd hunts you in an effort to mate with the doe, and to fight with or force the intruder monster-racked buck out of his territory. Everyone who gives testimony here has realized the truth about deer, by learning to be hunted by kings through the lessons that Bob J. Mercier has taught them. There are thousands of successful D.I.E. Hunters, but only a few who are dedicated to share what they have learned from Bob are submitting testimonials here. The rest want to keep the D.I.E. System all to themselves! They love seeing a mature buck on every hunt, and they love being hunted by kings! Can you blame them?

We are the D.I.E. Hunters!

We are "those who are hunted by kings"

Join Us!